Mallrats (1995): Chocolate Covered Pretzel Part 2


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The clip chocolate covered pretzel Part 2 from Mallrats (1995) with Jeremy London, Jason Lee

I'll tell you what. Why don't, uh-
Why don't I meet you back here around show time, huh?
Somebody said you wanted to see me?
I accept the fact that you no doubt fucked my daughter.
The two of you have been dating long enough...
for you to have slimed your way into her panties...
and I am sure you did just that at least once or twice in my own house...
probably while I was at home.
has a bright future.
She is an extremely...
intelligent and capable girl.
And I'm sure that one day she'll be even more successful than me.
But you-
You, on the other hand...
have absolutely no ambition.
And no chance of making it in the real world.
My daughter... is too good for you.
You will never, ever, be with her. Hmm?
So, if there isn't anything else-
Hey, fellas!
Well, well, well, if it isn't my neighbor.
Mr. Svening, how've you-
Damn! Would you feel that iron grip handshake. Like Burt Reynolds and shit.

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