Mallrats (1995): Get Ready for the Show


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The clip get ready for the show from Mallrats (1995) with Joey Lauren Adams, Claire Forlani

Oh, God.
He's here.
Him and Brodie.
Don't sweat it. He's leaving. Oh.
He seems really broken up over this whole thing.
Maybe because we're broken up for good this time.
I remember when I dumped T.S., I was all right with it until he started dating you.
A little jealousy residue?
I thought so, at first.
Then I realized it was more than that.
When I saw how he was with you, how well you two complimented each other...
it finally hit me that T.S. is a great catch.
Gwen, you were always cheating on him.
Capricious youth. Doesn't mean I wasn't regretful about it.
Jesus, Gwen, the last thing I need at this point is a lecture on my love life.
All I'm saying is that the really good guys are few and far between.
In fact, I haven't met one since T.S.
Even if I did meet one, I'd use him as a basis for my comparison.
You can have him if you want him.
I might consider trying.
If he weren't so hung up on you.
Well, I gotta get home.
Have a great show.
Okay. Bye.

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