Mallrats (1995): Sitting in the Food Court


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The clip sitting in the food court from Mallrats (1995) with Jason Lee, Jeremy London

How does something as big as the creator of the most important titles in comics history...
coming to my mall get by me?
I must be slipping in my old age. The name amongst names.
God, there's a million questions I'd love to ask him.
Her father.
I knew this game show was just a beard for an attempt at breaking us up.
Why can't he leave us alone and let us follow through with our plans?
What kind of man are you anyway?
I'm talkin' comics, and you bring up chicks and romance.
While we're on the subject, why get married now anyway? You're in college.
I was just gonna propose. The wedding wouldn't be 'til after we graduate.
Waste of time. My grandmother always said, "Why buy the cow when you get the sex for free?"
She did?
All the time.
Of course she became a lesbian on her 60th birthday, but that's beside the point.
Where the hell are these two going in such a hurry?
Is he gone?
Halfway to Buy Me Toys by now.
Damn, that bastard's faster than Walt Flanagan's dog.
What's with all the running?
What the hell happened to him?
The human brown-eye here is a walking calamity.
We gotta take a pass on stage trashing business, otherwise he's liable to kill himself.
Sorry, bro.
No hard feelings. Isn't that Rene?
Oh, yeah. She's probably looking for me. I better go talk to her.
I don't know. She's with somebody. Wait a minute. Isn't-
The asshole from Fashionable Male! Son of a bitch!
You think that they're
Could be. It'll explain why he hates me so much.
There's one way to find out. Can you run interference with the lug?
What are you gonna do?
Get some answers.

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