Back to the Future (1985): Convincing George Part 2


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The clip convincing george Part 2 from Back to the Future (1985) with Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox

They're your parents. You must know them.
What are their common interests? What do they like to do together?
Look! There's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up.
The Enchantment Under the Sea dance! They're supposed to go to this.
That's where they kiss for the first time.
All right, kid.
You stick to your father like glue and make sure he takes her to that dance.
George, buddy...
remember that girl I introduced you to, Lorraine?
What are you writing?
Science fiction stories about visitors...
coming down to Earth from other planets.
Get out of town! I didn't know you did anything creative.
Let me read some.
No, no.
I never let anybody read my stories.
Why not?

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