Back to the Future (1985): Kissing My Brother


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The clip Kissing my brother from Back to the Future (1985) with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd

Doc, about the future...
We've agreed that information about the future can be extremely dangerous.
Even if your intentions are good, it can backfire drastically.
Whatever you've got to tell me I'll find out through the natural course of time.
"Dear Dr. Brown:
"On the night that I go back in time...
"you will be...
"shot by terrorists.
"Please take whatever precautions are necessary to prevent this terrible disaster.
"Your friend...
"Marty. "
'Evening, Dr. Brown. What's with the wire?
Just a little weather experiment.
What you got under here?
No! Don't touch that!
Some new, specialized weather-sensing equipment.
Got a permit for that?
Of course I do.
Just a second. Let me see if I can find it here.

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