The Wizard of Oz (1939): The Hourglass


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The clip The hourglass from The Wizard of Oz (1939) with Judy Garland, Clara Blandick

And it isn't long, my pretty. It isn't long!
I can't wait forever to get those shoes!
I'm frightened.
I'm frightened, Auntie Em, I'm frightened!
Dorothy, where are you?
It's me, it's Auntie Em.
We're trying to find you! Where are you?
I'm here in Oz, Auntie Em!
I'm locked up in the Witch's castle and I'm trying to get home to you, Auntie Em!
Auntie Em, don't go away! I'm frightened!
Come back! Come back!
"Auntie Em. Auntie Em, come back!"
I'll give you Auntie Em, my pretty!

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