The Wizard of Oz (1939): The Wizard's Story


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The clip The wizard's story from The Wizard of Oz (1939) with Judy Garland

-What about Dorothy? -Yes, how about Dorothy?
-Dorothy next! -Yes, Dorothy.
I don't think there's anything in that black bag for me.
You force me into a cataclysmic decision.
The only way to get Dorothy back to Kansas is for me to take her there myself!
Will you? Could you?
Are you a clever enough wizard to manage it?
Child, you cut me to the quick! I'm an old Kansas man myself born and bred in the heart of the western wilderness premier balloonist par excellence for the Miracle Wonderland Carnival Company. Until one day while performing spectacular feats of stratospheric skill never before attempted by civilized man, an unfortunate phenomenon occurred.
The balloon failed to return to the fair.
It did?
Weren't you frightened?
Frightened? You are talking to a man who has laughed in the face of death sneered at doom and chuckled at catastrophe.
I was petrified.
Then suddenly the wind changed and the balloon floated down into the heart of this noble city where I was instantly acclaimed Oz the First Wizard Deluxe!
Times being what they were, I accepted the job retaining my balloon against the advent of a quick getaway.
And in that balloon, my dear Dorothy, you and I will return to the land of "e pluribus unum"!

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