The Stepfather (1987): Establishing a New Life


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The clip establishing a new life from The Stepfather (1987)

Hi, I'm Bill Hodgkins.
The man who phoned about the job?
That's right.
Roy Chesterton.
How'd you do?
You ever sold insurance before?
Back east in Pennsylvania.
If there's a policy I haven't sold I'd like to know what it is.
Especialized in any one area?
Well, I'm pretty comfortable in all of them but if I have a
personal crusade, it's family related policies, life insurance.
That's a toughy. People don't wanna think they're gonna die
I know I don't.
Death is always something
that happens to someone else.
That's why I really believe that I'm protecting the family.
I'm glad to hear you say that. That's our main objective here.
We have to talk, honey.
About what?
About what?
About what is happening to our family.
I'm taking care of it.
By yourself?

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