The Stepfather (1987): Learning Jerry's Secrets


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The clip learning Jerry's secrets from The Stepfather (1987)

Jerry Blake, please?
I'm sorry but Mr. Blake is no longer connected with this agency.
There must be some mistake.
No, there isn't. I can give you his home number though. It's...
I know that number! I'm calling from that number.
I'm sorry, Madam, but Mr. Blake left several days ago.
Well, thank you very much.
It's about time!
Mrs. Fairfax?
Not for long. Put this in the trunk. I'm leaving now!
Is this him? Is this the guy?
Sure, I'm having an affair with the cab driver.
You let her in your cab and I'll break every bone in your body!
I'm not a cab driver, okay?
I just wanna ask you a question.
You ever seen this guy before?
The beard's new, but he looks like the guy who sold us this house.
Could be him.
He sells houses?
Yeah... that's right.
Hey, what the hell are you doing, buddy?

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