The Stepfather (1987): Talks with Mom


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The clip talks with mom from The Stepfather (1987)

Karen, it's freaky, the way he looks at me...
... like he wanted to erase me off the face of the earth.
I'm sure.
Ok, don't believe me.
Ok, so, what's the verdict?
Is Scary Jerry gonna let you go to a boarding school?
I don't know. He has his own fantasy we should be like families on TV.
Grin and laugh, and have fewer cavities all the time...
It's like having Ward Cleaver for a Dad.
I gotta hang. Firing squad has arrived. Bye.
Come in.
So, where's my blindfold?
What blindfold?
I thought the condemned person always got a blindfold.
You don't really wanna leave home... do you, honey?
Yes, I do.
It isn't our house anymore...
... it's his!
Of course it's our house.
It's always been our house.
I loved your father,
and when he died I thought:
"Well, maybe that's it.
Maybe you only get one chance to be happy. "
I never thought I'd love anybody that much again.
I know, Mom.
I miss him so bad...
I know you do, honey.
We have a second chance with Jerry.

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