The Stepfather (1987): False Meeting and Increasing Suspicions


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The clip false meeting and increasing suspicions from The Stepfather (1987)

Hi, sorry I'm a little late.
No problem, no problem.
Ray Martin.
Hi, Ray. Jerry Blake.
It's a great house.
Wait till you see inside. Come.
Come on in.
Big mirror in the hall.
And lot of closets in here.
It's great. Kitchen back here?
Yes, it's back here, yeah.
I forgot to tell you, lovely hardwood floors.
Look at the inlaid. It's terrific.
Right, very nice.
I'll show you the bedroom.
Lot of space here.
Lot of room for kids. You a family man, Ray?
Confirmed bachelor. How about you, Jerry?
Happily married. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I don't know... I think it just works for some guys.
What's that?
You know, the family, home sweet home, all that crap.
What line of work are you in, Ray? If you don't mind my asking.
Oh! Not at all! I'm in stress management.
Sounds complicated. The kitchen has been remodeled.
Built-ins. I like this.
I try to find ways for employers and employees to get along better.
I ask questions, they give me answers.
For instance: How do you sleep at night?
How do you sleep at night, Jerry?
I sleep like a baby.
See, that's interesting.
Because I think there'd be a lot of stress in your line of work.
I suppose there's a certain degree of stress in every job, Ray.
It depends on how you handle it.
Which way am I facing?

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