The Stepfather (1987): BBQ Party Speech


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The clip BBQ party speech from The Stepfather (1987)

I'll take him.
Everybody! Everybody! Jerry is gonna make a speech!
I guess you all know why I asked you here.
'Cause when I first started with American Eagle Realty, a year ago,
you were the first five families I sold houses to.
Yeah, Jerry, I've been meaning to ask you about my garage door.
It would still work if you wouldn't have gotten your car into it.
We met doing business and we stayed to become friends.
And although I may be arguing against the comission here,
don't sell your houses 'cause I like being your neighbor.
I wanna get a picture with my family. Steph! Susan!
Come here! Come on down.
Yeah! Come here.
Yeah, come on!
Come on, Steph.
Oh, I don't know...
There we are... OK.
This is as good as it gets!
I hope you don't think what I'm gonna say is pretencious.
I sell houses, that's my job,
but sometimes I think it's more than that... I truly believe
... that what I sell is the American Dream.
You can call me sentimental, I don't care.
When I came here I was a stranger,
but I never felt more at home anywhere in my life.
I have beautiful friends, I have a wonderful new family...
Have a good time. Thanks for coming.

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