Jaws 2 (1978): Going After the Kids Part 2


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The clip going after the kids Part 2 from Jaws 2 (1978) with Jeffrey Kramer, Roy Scheider

Go ahead, untie the bowline.
They can't fire both of us, right?
Somebody's got to be in charge.
All right, which direction do you wanna go?
You said something about a lighthouse.
All right.
Amity Launch to Harbour Patrol.
'This is Harbour Patrol. '
Listen, do you think you can raise me a chopper?
'Is that you Brody? Not right away.
'It's out checking a buoy. '
Get it out to the lighthouse.
There's some kids sailing out there. I want them back in port.
'Affirmative. Turn the kids back to port.
'I heard you. Patrol out. '
Brody out.
Hurry up, suckers, you're dragging!

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