Jaws 2 (1978): Worried About Sharks Part 2


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The clip worried about sharks Part 2 from Jaws 2 (1978) with Roy Scheider, Collin Wilcox Paxton

We know sharks are attracted by blood and thrashing about.
And sound.
Sound, like sonar or radar.
They hone in on unusual, irregular sounds.
Any rhythmic, low-frequency vibration.
So there could be one around?
Not necessarily. These wounds could have been inflicted out to sea.
None were immediately fatal. The currents could have carried it in.
We got a hell of a tide.
Just take care of the crowd!
Mr Hendricks, take this down, please.
No more sailing today, OK?
We came out in my boat.
Andy'll take it back.
I got a date.
She'll understand.
She won't.
Mike, give me a break, will you?
It's either a great white or another killer whale.
I'd like to know which.
It's impossible to tell with that body.
The anima"s been ashore for 12 hours and drifting for a day at least.
Every nibbler in the sea's taken a bite.
I know dolphins communicate. I mean, they send signals.
If a shark was destroyed, could another shark come and...
Sharks don't take things personally, Mr Brody.
Dad, can I...
Don't worry, I'll take it back and tie it up at the docks.
Bye, Mike.
I'm sorry. Bye.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I appreciate it. Thanks.

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