Parenthood (1989): Car is Missing


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The clip car is missing from Parenthood (1989) with Steve Martin, Jason Robards

Kevin wants to go.
How'd you go through those quarters so fast?
Another kid took Kevin's money.
Shut up!
What kid?
Never mind. Can we just go?
It was that kid!
Never mind!
That kid? That kid's not bigger than you. Go back and get your money.
Dad, let me handle it, okay?
You want me to help you get your money back?
Can we just go? I wanna go!
Okay? That's a little kid!
Justin can beat up that kid.
Will you just shut up?
What's the matter?
I lost my retainer.
Where? It's okay.
I put my retainer on the table!
Just relax.
It's okay, honey.
It's his retainer. He lost his retainer.
It's all right, sweetheart. We'll find it.

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