Parenthood (1989): Talking About the Kid


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The clip talking about the kid from Parenthood (1989) with Mary Steenburgen, Steve Martin

Oh, can you come with me to see Kevin's principal on Monday?
Oh, I love it when you talk to me about school and meetings.
Now talk to me about shopping.
I know. I'm sorry.
I just remembered now. I've been meaning to ask you.
Fine. I'll be there.
What's the matter?
Nothing. I was a little tense before, but-
No, I mean with Kevin. Why are we going to see his principal?
Oh, because his teacher said he's been making that face again.
Oh, what, this?
Yes, the tense face.
He makes that same face at Little League.
You know what his teacher asked me?
If we'd ever taken him for a psychiatric evaluation.
She was just asking.
Why? Because he makes a face? Has she ever looked in the mirror?
Well, you know, the face, the crying, the nervousness.
They mentioned the crying?
You know, he doesn't really finish his work.
Hey, we'll talk to them on Monday.
Don't worry. I'm sure he'll be fine.
Come here.
Where was I?
Was I here?
I was there already?

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