Parenthood (1989): Gil's Childhood Memory


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So, Gilly, big baseball fan?
Kind of.
Dad bring you here a lot?
Once a year on my birthday. Then he pays an usher to watch me.
Oh, I see.
You have to understand, my father in his own childhood...
was without a positive male influence.
His own father kicked him out when he was 15...
so my dad was taught to see child raising as a burden-
a prison rather than a playground.
You understand what I'm saying?
You don't talk like a kid.
Well, I'm not really a kid.
You're not a duck.
I'm remembering when I was a kid.
I'm 35 now. I have kids of my own.
You don't really even exist.
You're an amalgam.
A what?
A combination of several ushers my dad left me with over the years.
I combined them into one memory.
This was a great symbolic moment in my life.
My father dumping me with you.
It's why I swore things would be different with my kids.
It's my dream- strong, happy, confident kids.
That's great.
You've got a lovely family, and I'm a goddamn amalgam!
Who's that?
That's my wife.
Game's over, honey.
The St. Louis Cardinals thank you for attending today's game.
Please drive home safely and soberly.
Let's go.
Come on, Justin. Do you want to walk? Let's walk.

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