Parenthood (1989): Partnership Part 2


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The clip partnership Part 2 from Parenthood (1989) with Steve Martin

That Lenny is an asshole. You believe that guy?
Nobody was supposed to have that information until next month.
That partnership is mine.
You said when Ted got back, you'd make it official.
Look, I never said you didn't do great work. You do terrific work.
Every firm does good work.
I know you're smarter than Phil, but the guy works like a Trojan.
He schmoozes clients. He brings in business.
He's here nights, weekends.
I own the guy. And that's what puts your name on the door.
This is really coming out of left field.
I've been here eight years. I'm the backbone of the operation.
I know that.
If I don't get this partnership, I gotta think about going elsewhere.
That's not realistic.
You go somewhere else, you're gonna have to get in line...
behind guys who are younger, who have been there longer...
who are more committed and are willing to work for less money.
Look, this thing with Phil is not etched in stone.
I can jerk him along for the next month.
Why don't you use that time to give us your best shot?
Put in the hours. Dazzle me.
Dazzle you?
Listen, Dave. I'm having a problem at home.
I really need to spend a lot of extra time with my son.
Then I don't know what we can do.

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