Parenthood (1989): Parent Meeting with Principal Part 2


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The clip parent meeting with principal Part 2 from Parenthood (1989) with Mary Steenburgen, Steve Martin

Fifteen years ago.
There could have been some chromosome distortion.
Well, you let them do anything.
You let them watch TV just like that.
So we'll put the TV's in the garbage, and we'll perform Shakespeare-
I'm sorry.
I'm just a little thrown off by this.
You should not look upon Kevin's going to a special school...
as any kind of failure on your part.
No, I'll blame the dog.
In an educational environment that's more sensitive to his needs.
First of all, Kevin is not going to a special school.
Whether it's right or not, there's a stigma.
Children are cruel.
I won't subject Kevin to that kind of cruelty.
If we have to, we'll send him to a private school.
I don't care what it costs. I'll get a second job.
Mr. and Mrs. Buckman, this problem won't just go away.
If we need to, we'll send Kevin to a private therapist.
That's right. Look, it's a problem. We're aware of it.
But we're his parents. We can handle it.
Well, the next school year is four months off...
so let's see what can be accomplished, hmm?

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