Parenthood (1989): All Normal Families


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The clip All normal families from Parenthood (1989) with Dianne Wiest, Martha Plimpton

Hi, Garry. You're up so early.
Where are you going?
What's in the bag?
The whole family's coming tonight. There's a big surprise.
Grandma and Grandpa are gonna be here.
Uncle Gil and Aunt Karen are bringing their kids.
Aunt Susie's gonna be here and Uncle Nathan and their kids.
It was nice talking to ya.
Hey, Julie.
Can I come in for a minute?
I really need your help. The whole family's coming tonight.
Could you just give me a hand?
Yeah, in just a few minutes.
Are you all right? I heard you moaning last night.
I had a stomachache, but it's fine now.
You hate me?
For making you study so much and giving up all your dates.
No, you were right.
Honey, I'm telling you, those SAT scores are your ticket.
And, sweetie, once you get to school...
you're gonna meet a lot of guys you like just as well as that Tod.
Why do you always say "that Tod"? It sounds so-
You're right. I'm sorry. It's been pleasant for a moment.
I'm just gonna give everybody spaghetti and salad...
and I better cook a steak for my dad.
See you later, honey.

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