Parenthood (1989): I Quit My Job and I'm Pregnant Part 3


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The clip i quit my job and i'm pregnant Part 3 from Parenthood (1989) with Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen

That's a decision every woman has to make on her own.
Are you running for Congress?
Don't give me that. I want your opinion about what we should do.
Let's pretend it's your decision, okay?
Pretend you're a caveman or your father. What do you want me to do?
I want...
I want whatever you want.
I wanna have the baby.
Well, great! Let's have it then.
Let's see how I can screw the fourth one up.
Let's have five. Let's have six!
Let's have a dozen and pretend they're doughnuts.
I'm really happy about the way things are turning out, aren't you?
With your frame of mind, not only am I not sure we should have another baby...
I'm not sure we should keep the three we've got.
I'm ready to discuss it. However, I can't right now.
I gotta go to the goddamn Little League.
Ten little boys are waiting for me to guide them into last place.
You really have to go?
My whole life is "have to. "
Come on, Kevin. Get your glove.
You said I don't have to play anymore.
I know what I said, but now I'm changing my mind.
If I have to go, you have to go. Move it.

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