The Hurricane (1999): Rubin's Manuscript


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The clip rubin's manuscript from The Hurricane (1999)

Come on, come on, come on! Come on!
Come on! Who wants some?
Where's the key?
Who's fi rst?
Shut up!
Relax there, Carter!
What the hell's goin' on?
I'm goin' in there.
Are you nuts? You wanna get yourself killed?
Everybody stand down! Stand down!
Come on in here.
Back off!
Talk to 'em, Jimmy.
Talk to them!
Talk to them!
Tell me what's goin' on.
I ain't takin' no shit!
Rubin, calm down! It's me,Jimmy. Come here and talk to me.
You can talk to 'em! I ain't no animal!
I ain't takin' no shit in here!
Rubin, calm down! Calm down!
Take it easy, champ. Now, tell me what's goin' on.
Tell me what's happenin'. Come on!
Hurricane done killed 'em!
Clear the
Clear the tier!
Get outta here! Everybody!
They wanna toss my cell, Jimmy. They're gonna find my manuscript.
That book is the only thing I got left in here.
You understand me? That's the only chance I got to get out of here.
I lose that, they gonna lose too.
Rubin, who do you think the first man through this door has gotta be now?
It's me.
All right. Tell 'em to come on in here.
And line 'em up.
What if
Line 'em up, Jimmy.
Rubin, listen to me now. What if that manuscript...
wasn't in this cell when we tossed it?
What if it was stuffed down your pants or something...
stuffed in your crotch, and we couldn't see it?
I can make sure you weren't strip-searched, okay?
Don't bullshit me.
No bullshit. You have my word.
Ain't nobody putting their hands on me,Jimmy.
Ain't nobody gonna touch me.
All right.
Nobody touches you.
You think I killed them people?
I don't know, Rubin.
I don't know.

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