The Hurricane (1999): Taking Lesra Martin Home


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The clip taking Lesra Martin home from The Hurricane (1999)

Hey, come on, Lesra. Time to get up. Breakfast, buddy.
Yeah. Yeah, all right. Yeah, I'm up. I'm up.
Did you get any sleep? Your light's been on all night.
I just can't stop reading, man. This book's about my life.
Jeez, Lisa, you gotta smoke for breakfast?
Do you know when we met in Brooklyn?
Why'd you take me home?
Well, you know, you- you met my folks, man...
and you brought me up here, you did all this stuff for me.
No, I mean, why?
Why'd you do all that?
'Cause you were smart and funny.
And short. You know, we figured it'd be good for you to...
spend a little time with some tall white people.
Yeah, absolutely.
What, did you do it 'cause I'm black?
And you thought I couldn't do it myself?
'Cause Rubin
Rubin did it all himself, you know.
Hey, Les, we didn't feel sorry for you.
We met you and got to know you and realized you could accomplish some things...
and, like a lot of us, you could use some help.
I'm sure that Hurricane Carter had some help along the way.
None of us does it alone.
As far as doin' it for yourself goes, nobody can learn anything for you.
Trust me. Everything you're doing now, you're doing for yourself.

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