The Hurricane (1999): Rubin's Court Part 4


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The clip rubin's court Part 4 from The Hurricane (1999)

Well, we, we assumed...
that the court would not hear this petition based on new evidence.
You assumed wrong.
So, Your Honour, this case was poisoned from the start.
No evidence.
No witnesses, except admitted liars.
Only a racially charged atmosphere...
which was fanned by the police and the prosecutors...
who knew the truth and distorted it...
and subverted it and destroyed it...
to convict an innocent man.
What more can the State of NewJersey do, Your Honour...
than give a man not one...
but twojury trials?
And nothing has changed since then.
Mr Carter is, and always has been, a menace to society.
He's been in and out ofjail his whole life.
A criminal. He's a violent man.
His whole life has been violence.
And it is our duty, Your Honour, to continue to protect...
the general public from such a man.
I've heard your statements. Uh, I'll take them under consideration.
Now, is there anything else that counsel wishes to add...

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