Pillow Talk (1959): Jan Breaks Date with Jonathan


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The clip jan breaks date with jonathan from Pillow Talk (1959)

Jan, are you evading my question?
Would you like these initialled?
Why did you break our date? Had another date, huh?
You're going out with someone else?
What a cruel thing to say.
Who is he?
Rex Stetson.
Oo I know him?
He's visiting from Texas.
Jan, how could you ever fall in love with a tourist?
I don't know, I just did.
You admit it. You love him.
I did, didn't I?
I'll never understand women.
What a blow to my psyche.
Rejected for a cowboy.
He's not a cowboy.
Alright, an oilman.
Jan, if you marry him, you'll have to live out there.
Look at that.
New York!
People jostling, shoving, flailing for their lives. You're part of it.
In Texas there's nothing but a bunch of prairie dogs and stuff.
Even the air is nothing but air.
You can feel the air in New York. It's got character.
Jan, you can't live in Texas.
We haven't even talked about marriage.
But it's in your look.
I know well enough when a girl is willing to talk about it.
Oo I look willing?
You look disgusting.
I'm sorry. You know me. I say a lot of things I don't mean.

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