Pillow Talk (1959): Singing in the Bar Part 2


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The clip Singing in the bar Part 2 from Pillow Talk (1959)

Thanks. That's great.
Wasn't that fun? I love that.
Tell me about your job. It must be exciting,
working with all them colors and fabrics and all.
Like some dip?
I'd love to.
Thank you.
Ain't this tasty? Wonder if I could get the recipe.
Sure would like to surprise my ma, when I get back.
Rex, don't you find me attractive?
Why yes, of course.
Why haven't you ever...
Ever what?
I feel so foolish.
No. Go on, say what's on your mind.
Whenever we go out you've been a perfect gentleman.
I hope I have.
You have. And I appreciate it.
Well... being such a perfect gentleman and all,
it's not very flattering.
I wouldn't want to do anything that might spoil our friendship.

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