Pillow Talk (1959): Jonathan Visits Brad


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The clip jonathan visits brad from Pillow Talk (1959)

Come in, Jonathon. It's open.
Hi, Brad.
Got any more songs ready.
Fine. Let's hear them.
Not now. I'm in a hurry.
I'm putting up 200,000 dollars for this show.
We've got a theater deadline.
You're hobbing me.
Oh, am I?
I don't know. Money seems to have lost its value these days.
With 200,000 dollars, my grandfather cornered the wheat market.
Today, you can't scare songwriters with it.
That's inflation for you.
Pour yourself a scotch.
You're prejudiced against me because I'm part of a minority group.
What minority group?
Millionaires. You outnumber us, but you'll never get us.
We'll fight for our rights. And we've got the money to do it.
You sound absolutely bitter.
You don't know what this show means to me.
We went through college together. You worked your way through.
You're an important songwriter now. You've had some Broadway hits.
You started out with nothing and you've made it far.
I started out with 8 million dollars, and I've still got 8 million dollars.
I just can't seem to get ahead.
Who's the girl?
What girl?
Come on, you can't kid me.
I've been through 3 marriages with you. You're like a fighter.

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