Pillow Talk (1959): Dividing Up the Phone Line


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The clip Dividing up the phone line from Pillow Talk (1959) with Doris Day

What would you like to inspect?
I mean we received a complaint about you.
Well, I've never had any complaints before.
Won't you come in?
Thank you.
You don't have to break the sound barrier, you hot-rodder.
Well, I heard from the phone company.
I can't get a call through, and they send me this.
"Your complaint is entirely unwarranted.
According to our inspector, Miss Oickenson. "
They sent a woman.
It's like sending a marshmallow to put out a bonfire.
Read it yourself.
You know I never get into focus until 10 a. m.
"Our inspector found Mr. Allen to be very cooperative. "
I'll bet he was.
Miss Morrow? My name is Brad Allen.
The phone company gave me a code number for our line.
It's 793.
If you have any future complaints, I suggest you call me personally.
If I hadn't complained,
the inspector wouldn't have found out how friendly you are.
Miss Morrow,
why do my personal affairs interest you?
It's not interest, Mr. Allen. It's revolt.

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