Pillow Talk (1959): The Scene of the Crime


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The clip The scene of the crime from Pillow Talk (1959) with Rock Hudson, Doris Day

Get dressed.
Get out.
We're going to my place.
I've seen it.
So what. Get dressed.
Are you getting up or do I come in after you?
Oon't you dare.
How dare you! Put me down.
I said put me down.
What are you doing?
Where are you taking me? Put me down.
Good morning, Mrs. Wilson.
Take me back to bed.
Oown, please.
would you please call the police?
Alma, stop him.
You wouldn't take me into the street.
If I ever get on my feet again, look out.
That man just inspired me. I should have done it long ago.
You're too nice a looking woman to drink all the time.
You need a man to take care of.
Then you wouldn't have so much time to drink.
Harry, you're so strong.

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