Endless Bummer (2009): Meet the Guys


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The clip meet the guys from Endless Bummer (2009)

Beauty of Sparky was you never knew where he was comin' from.
Who took a dump in my mouth?
Sparky would rip off a line of "fuck yous" better than anybody I ever heard.
I'm gonna castrate you and fuck your mother in the fucking ass with your own fucking dick!
Yeah. I'm glad I left your sorry ass... Fuck you! Fuck you!
Shit. Lardo? He was everything you could have asked for in a friend.
He was funny, he was charming, had a way with words.
Dude, shit happens.
Did pretty good with the chicks and always seemed to make light of a serious situation.
My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever.
We begin bombing in five minutes.
Together, we were one.
I mean, we had it all.
At least I thought we did.
And every summer, we'd get a visit from Iris.
Anne wants to know when are you coming to the Hut.
There's coffee in the kitchen.
And then there was Anne.
Johnny boy, why is the door closed with a girl inside?
Give me five minutes, Mom. I'm having sex!
Johnny, stop that now! Bad boy!
What will the neighbors think... girl in your room and the door closed?
They'll think I'm gettin' laid!
Like we always said, a little bit of booty never hurt nobody.

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