Biloxi Blues (1988): Sexual Positions


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The clip sexual positions from Biloxi Blues (1988) with Matthew Broderick, Markus Flanagan

A half an hour he's been in there.
If he doesn't hurry up, I'm gonna pass my peak.
Hey, what if she's ugly? I mean, really ugly.
Then you close your eyes and you think of some cheerleader. I don't wanna close my eyes.
That's the same as doing it to yourself.
Not if you're feeling someone underneath you... or on top of you.
On top of me? Who would be on top of me?
She would. She could be anywhere...
under a table, on a chair or an ironing board.
On an ironing board?
What kind of a girl is this? I thought we were going to a regular place.
Don't you know anything?
Maybe not in actual experience. I have all the information I need.
You don't know shit, Jerome. Do you know how many positions there are?
American or worldwide?
This guy is a riot.
For five bucks, how many positions are there?
Lemme think. You want me to tell you?
No. I'm gonna tell you. There are 17 acceptable positions.
Acceptable? What is there, an Olympic committee that votes on positions?
I can't believe this guy's from New York.
Besides, you're wrong. There's 52 positions.
Fifty-two? You're crazy. Where did you ever get that from?
I saw a dirty deck of cards once.
This jerk is worse than Epstein. You owe me five bucks.
Hey, listen, twerp. You're lucky if you do one position.
I'm not doing anything if it's on an ironing board.
Why not? You'll get your shirt pressed for free.
Well? Tell us. Tell us.
She wants to see me again after the war.
See you fellas at the U.S.O.

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