Biloxi Blues (1988): Jerome's Fantasy


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The clip jerome's fantasy from Biloxi Blues (1988)

I always wanted to get mine,
wiping out an entire battalion ofJapanese marines.
Forget the medals. What do you do with your last week on Earth?
I would lose my virginity,
win the Pulitzer Prize for Literature...
and fall in love with the perfect girl.
Why don't you just score the winning touchdown for Notre Dame while you're at it?
Give him his score so's we can take our money back.
I give him a C-minus.
What? Hey, I'm not gonna let him beat me with that pissy story.
I came up with something hot.
I'm not giving him an A-plus for falling in love.
Why doesn't he go home and visit Hennesey's family?
Jesus, you're a moron!
Go look in the latrine and see if you dropped your brain.
All right. Come on. Arnold, you win. It's your money.

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