Biloxi Blues (1988): Fantasy Competition Part III


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The clip fantasy competition part III from Biloxi Blues (1988) with Corey Parker, Christopher Walken

Yes, give the Earl of Meat Loaf his score. This is a tough one.
I find it completely unredeeming in every way...
morally, ethically and sexually.
But it's got style.
minus. A
You're sick. You give the highest score to the guy who humps the mother of the British Empire?
Hey, so I'm winning, right? Not yet. There's two more to go.
Epstein's next. I wanna hear what his last week on Earth would be like.
Probably wants to take an English exam at city college.
Hurry up. They're blowing retreat.
Come on, Arnold. It's your last week on Earth. What's your secret desire?
I don't want to say it. If I say it, it might not come true.
I know. He wants to pass gas. He wants to bend over and blow up the whole world.
Will you give him a chance, please? He has one. What is it, Arnold?
What's the last thing you wanna do on this earth?
I would like to make... Sergeant Merwin J. Toomey...
do 200 pushups in front of this platoon.
That's good.
I hate to admit it, but it's good. It's all right.
Five hundred would've been better.
I think it's terrific. A-plus.
Ooh! A
plus? You're crazy. Now you can't win.
I could still tie him. All right. But if it's a tie, all bets are off. Nobody wins.
Fair enough. Somebody else has to judge me.
Wykowski, pick a judge.
Okay, sure. I pick Selridge. I love it!
No matter what crap he says, he gets an A-plus. Your money is safe, boys.
Retreat means lights out, goddamn it!
I never had men do pushups in bed before.
I could start tonight.
Come on, Jerome. Let's hear yours. All right.

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