Biloxi Blues (1988): Hennesey's Race is Revealed


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The clip hennesey's race is revealed from Biloxi Blues (1988)

Don't think I'm not wise to who did it. It was Epstein.
He's trying to get back at me for what I called him.
Maybe he's sore at you, but he's not the kind that steals money.
Who asked you, Hennesey? Huh? What are you?
What are you, one of those Irish Jews?
Huh? All I did was call him a couple of names. Where I come from, we're all Polacks.
Dagos, niggers, Sheenies... that stuff doesn't mean crap to me!
You're a Mick. What do I care?
Yeah, half Mick, half Nigger.
Whoa. You serious?
Yeah. My father's Irish,
my mother's colored.
You can't be colored. They wouldn't let you in here with us.
Nah, I never told anybody. Yeah, but I guessed it.
It was something I couldn't put my finger on, but I knew there was something wrong with you.
Yeah, I'm black Irish.
That's as colored as I am, but now we know how you think, don't we, 'Kowski?
Come here. Hey. Hey.
I'm laying for you, Hennesey, okay?
After I get the bastard who stole my money, I'm gonna settle my score with you.
On the double. Toomey's here.

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