Biloxi Blues (1988): Fantasy Competition Part I


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The clip fantasy competition part I from Biloxi Blues (1988) with Casey Siemaszko, Markus Flanagan

You're gonna be dead, killed in action.
What do you wanna do with the last few days of your life?
How much time do I have to do it in?
A week.
I need 10 days.
It's my game. You only get a week.
What are you gonna do with it, Donny?
Okay. I'd sing at Radio City Music Hall.
Five shows a day, my own spot.
In the audience are 5,000 screaming, gorgeous girls,
and every one of them wants me.
And there's one man... the president of Decca Records...
and he wants to give me a big contract, and I have to make a choice.
Take the record contract. I would take the record contract.
Yeah, right. Right, I'd take the record contract.
Ha! Moron!
He could've humped 5,000 girls, and now he's got a record contract that ain't worth shit!
Wrong, because now I'm a big star,
and everyone knows that stars get all the girls they want. Oh, yeah?
How? You're dead! Girls don't go out with dead record stars!
Hey, bullshit! It's my fantasy! I can do whatever I want with it! What's my score, Gene?
Well, you started off with an A-minus, but you ended up with a "B."
"B." That's better than I ever did in school.
Selridge is next.
Okay, okay, here we go.
I make it with seven of the richest women in the world.
And I'm so hot, each one of'em gives me a million bucks.
So at the end of the week, I got seven million bucks. Pretty good, huh?
If you're dead, what're you gonna do with seven million dollars?
I told you, that's why I need 10 days. I need to take a long weekend and spend the money.
Give up, suckers! I got you all beat!
Moronic. It's beyond moronic. It's submoronic.
Yeah. Go ahead, Jerome. Break their hearts and tell 'em my score.
It lacks poetry. I give Selridge a B-minus.
minus? You give me a B-minus?
This creep becomes a dead record star, and he gets a "B." I want my money back!
Touch that money, and you're dead.

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