Biloxi Blues (1988): Tray Inspection


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The clip tray inspection from Biloxi Blues (1988)

Hold it. You still got two spoonfuls left there, soldier.
Well, I've had enough, Corporal. You take what you want, but you eat what you take.
We don't waste food around here. Eat it.
I believe the corporal said no one leaves here till the trays are empty and clean.
I want all trays extended for inspection. Move it.
Something wrong with your meal, Carney?
Yes, Sergeant. It's the first food I was ever afraid of.
You'll like it about a month from now, because that's how long you'll be sitting here.
Back to your seat.
Don't approve of our cuisine, Jerome?
It's not that, Sergeant.
It's a religious objection.
This is the week that my people fast for two days.
This is July, Jerome. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are in September.
I have an all-religious calendar in my barracks room.
Don't you try that shit on me again.
It's a different holiday.
It's called El Malague�a. El Malague�a?
It's for Spanish Jews.
Carney! Bring your food. Come on.
Put half your food ontoJerome's tray. Yes, Sergeant.
Eat in good health, Jerome, and happy El Malague�a to you.
Come on.
What's your story, Epstein? Don't tell me today is La Cucaracha.
I have a digestive disorder. It's commonly known as a nervous stomach.
I have a letter from my internist...
at Mount Sinai Hospital on Fifth Avenue.
See, the trouble is you're not on Fifth Avenue, Epstein.
You're in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Corporal, make sure that Private Epstein finishes everything on his tray,
including that letter, hmm?
Yes, Sergeant.

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