Biloxi Blues (1988): Fantasy Competition Part II


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The clip fantasy competition part II from Biloxi Blues (1988)

I was kidding.
You think I was serious? I was... kiddin'. Who's next?
Me? Nah. I'm not ready yet.
It's your turn. I'm not very good at things like this.
Come on. Just say it.
I can't think of anything. He can't think of anything!
So he's out. Tough shit. Give him an "F." Who's next?
No, no. Okay, okay.
I'd spend it with my family.
Oh, is this guy serious?
What an asshole. "I'd spend it with my family. "
No. Come on. It's my last week. I can do whatever I want, and I'd... yeah, I'd like it to be with my family.
Okay, Jerome, what do you give him for that crap?
Well, it's not that interesting, but at least it's honest. B-plus.
Oh! Okay, that's it! This game is fixed!
I'm calling the military police.
I get a B-minus for screwing seven millionairesses,
and he gets a B-plus for going home to his mother?
I wanna change my answer. I wanna visit sick children in the hospital!
Will you knock it off, Selridge! You had your turn!
See you in the morning.
As you were. Lights out in five minutes, boys.
Better get your rest.
You never know what surprise is coming up tomorrow.
Okay, Wykowski, you're next. Okay.
I always wanted to make it with a world-famous woman,
somebody that nobody could have in this country but me.
I'd be the only American to have her. Have you someone in mind?
Yeah, I got someone in mind.
I think we're heading for an A-plus. Who's the woman, 'Kowski?
The queen of England. Boom!
Queen of England? That is disgusting!
It's like making it with your own grandmother. For a whole week?
Maybe we'd stop for tea and crumpets.
Apes and gorillas. I'm living with apes and gorillas.
Come on. What's his score? Give him his score.

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