Biloxi Blues (1988): Chow Time


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The clip chow time from Biloxi Blues (1988)

It's not bad. It just needs salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, that's all.
If America dropped this stuff over Germany, the entire country would come out with their hands up.
I saw this stuff in the Bronx Zoo once.
Gorillas were throwing it at each other.
We can get something else. It's a government regulation.
Enlisted men must be served palatable food.
So why don't you ask for some matzo ball soup, Epstein?
I hear the army makes great matzo ball soup.
It's my right to speak up. I'm going to talk to the sergeant.
Don't start in with him, Arnold. He's crazy.
This is probably his recipe. Hey.
How you doin'? Hello, sir.
He's coming for his cup ofhot blood.
Listen, you two guys. Don't give the sergeant any more crap,
'cause when he don't like you, he don't like the rest of us.
Any guy who screws up in this platoon is in deep shit with me. Understand?
Who made you lieutenant colonel? I did.
I promoted myself, and if I have to do any more pushups on account of you, Jerome,
you're gonna be underneath me while I'm doing 'em.
Well, now we know who the fruits are.
Did you guys hear what happened over at Baker Company?
Some guy went nuts, said he was going home.
He didn't want no part of this army.
An officer tried to stop him, and the kid belted him one.
Said the guy's sure to get five to 10 years in Leavenworth.
I thought this was Leavenworth.

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