The Protector (2005): Baby Elephant Found


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The clip baby elephant found from The Protector (2005)

The Thai government says it is trying to resolve the issue of elephant
wandering around on Bangkok Street.
Ordering recreation of the pachyderms out of the capital.
What should I do with the two of you?
You lost a suspect and managed to cause all that ruckus on the road.
I'm taking you both off the case.
It's being assigned to someone else.
As of now, the two of you can help inspector Vincent
with security for the Secretary-General's meeting with Mr. Sim.
Aren't you being slightly...
I'm not arguing with you.
I paired you up with Mark hoping you'd be able to keep him in line.
I didn't expect you to start acting like him.
We've had a report from area 3.
About drugs in an Asian shoot-out.
Everyone's fled the scene.
There's evidence that needs to be collected.
I don't understand why that area's so buggered up.
The area that you, Mark, are so proud to protect.

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