The Protector (2005): Chastisement


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The clip chastisement from The Protector (2005)

You got two weeks. That's it!
News from Thailand.
Thai have expressed a concern about the boycott from NGOs.
If the NGOs truly understood the elephant situation here,
then they wouldn't be against us.
From all the exits to the meeting room,
guards have been placed at every 10 meters.
Uncle, I have arranged everything for you.
I've hired Sydney's top chef to make abalone soup.
I made it for all of you.
I hope everyone will enjoy it. Especially you, Uncle.
You should have more of it. This is good for your health.
It will keep you strong. With good health,
you'll be able to look after the family business forever.
Are you sure this is abalone?
It's bland, there's no aroma and no sweetness.
It tastes like earthworms.
You know earthworms, right?
Slithering insects which have 2 genders...
without being either.
So what about it, Rose?
If you can't even provide proper food for me,
how do you expect to protect me?
For security, it's better to let Cheng handle it.
I think this is better.
When your father was alive, Cheng was in charge.
What you do shows no respect to our clients.
We are negotiating with representatives of the government.

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