Bobby (2006): Virginia at the Hairdresser


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The clip virginia at the hairdresser from Bobby (2006)

So, you want the same as last night,
or something a little special for the senator?
Ah, you know, I don't care, as long as it stays out of my face.
I have something in mind.
I suppose you're past getting nervous for a show.
You know, the only thing that I get nervous about...
is whether anybody's gonna show up or not.
You're Virginia Fallon.
Of course they'll show.
Yeah, but, you know, I'm getting older...
people don't care about you as much when you get older.
Look at you. You look terrific.
But you know how they call women
"tootsie" or...
Anyone ever call you "Twinkie"?
That's right.
And I guarantee you
no one will ever call you Twinkie.
You know why?
Because we don't have
the same shelf life as a Twinkie.
We're like melting...
ice cream cones.
You know what?
I was wondering, like, exactly, I was thinking,
"When did I grow that flat spot on my ass?"
Very nice, fellas.

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