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The clip watching the news from Bobby (2006)

on the California primary.
Here is Walter Cronkite.
Well, as we said a moment ago,
the count may be rather slow from California tonight.
The voting out there offers unusual complexities,
not only in the manner of counting this year
for the first time, but in the very process of balloting.
CBS News correspondent Mike Wallace, at our studios here,
can perhaps give us a little explanation
of that voting and the way it's being tallied. Mike?
The actual, uh, vote tabulation, Walter,
is going to be extremely slow, tonight, in California.
A large part of the state,
including the 7,000 precincts in Los Angeles County
are using new automated voting equipment,
where the ballots are counted by computers.
Now, although on the face of it,
that would seem to indicate a faster count,
the fact is that the new voting system is going to be slower
in the count.
Hello, David.
Hey, Wade.
So, Dwayne...
you ready to meet the next President of the United States?
Come on, he's not gonna bite ya.
Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Go get him. You'll be fine.
...sample of 89 precincts,
which, together, represent closely
to where the state votes and polls.
As soon as returns are available from those 89...
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Coconut Grove
proudly presents the lovely,
the talented, the incomparable Virginia Fallon.
Thank you. Thank you.

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