Bobby (2006): Dwayne is Discouraged

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The clip Dwayne is discouraged from Bobby (2006) I know a few guys might like to buy them. I'm not selling...
The clip Dwayne is discouraged from Bobby (2006) I know a few guys might like to buy them. I'm not selling them, Miguel. How many times I got to tell you that? Hey, what's the face value? I don't know... $4.50 apiece. $4.50? I can get you ten bucks easy. I'm not selling them. I want this whole place filled with balloons. I want people having to fight their way through the balloons just to get in here. Balloons don't translate into more votes, Wade. But they look better on TV. McCarthy's not going to want to give a concession speech after the big win in Oregon. They're gonna turn those cameras on before the polls close, so we got to look like we got the thing already won. It sends a stronger message. Why are we still standing here? Let's go! Dwayne, we need you upstairs right away. # Come on, boy, see about me # Socialist. What's that? You said I write for a Communist paper in a Communist country. It's a Socialist paper in a Socialist country. Red is red, Miss Janacek. The reforms in my country are working to put a human face on Socialism. See the room we're standing in right now? In a few hours, it's going to be filled with hundreds of people who are here either to celebrate a victory or lament a defeat because of something that we have in America called the democratic process. Now, if you can tell me the last time that happened in your country, I'll give you your five minutes with the senator. # I'm gonna keep sighing, baby, for you # Damn right I'm threatening you! We're not just talking about a few stolen voting machines this time! Do we understand each other?! Damn it. What is it? There's a police checkpoint outside of a polling place in Watts. The system's not working for us... again. I was watching the local news yesterday...