Bobby (2006): Playing Chess with Tim


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The clip playing chess with tim from Bobby (2006) with Ashton Kutcher

something about a friendly game, John.
Yeah, well, I think that, uh, chess is a little bit like life.
It scares people, intimidates them,
and that's why they invented checkers.
You're still in check.
Story of my life.
What exactly is that story, sir?
Well, it's not what you read in the gossip mags,
that's for sure.
Mm. Well, I'm glad of that, then.
I mean, we have our moments,
like any married couple, but, you know...
But you stay, huh?
Real men stay.
They-they fight the good fight. They don't leave.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
Your wife?
Oh, she's gone.
She died last year.
Any regrets?
Well, I suppose I could've spent more time with my kids.
I've got three of them and eight grandchildren,
and, um...
I suppose I missed out quite a bit,
being here all the time, working here,
I mean.
You know, it has to be said,
in those days, your job was your life
because your-your life depended on it.
I remember my wife said to me once,
she said, "You know, John, I think you-you love that hotel
more than you love me."
Perhaps she was right.
And you're still in check.

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