Bobby (2006): Forgetting Black Shoes


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The clip forgetting black shoes from Bobby (2006)

English and Spanish.
I've given six years of my life to this place.
It means everything to me.
I'll give you a fine recommendation.
You're not gonna have any problems finding another job.
I don't want another goddamn job, Paul.
I don't know if I have
that portfolio with me.
You know, we're three hours behind you.
Say again.
No, I'm saying
we're three hours in time behind New York.
I can't say for sure.
Oh, damn.
What is it?
It's nothing.
-What is...? -It's stupid.
No, no, I'm listening.
You know those black shoes?
I told you it was stupid.
Let me call you back.
I bought this dress to go with
the black shoes I forgot to pack.
I did pack six other pair, none of them black.
And I have two pair of tennis shoes,
so if you're up for a little game later...
You see, women have to pack for every occasion,
making it virtually impossible to travel light.
Like tonight, it's a formal event,
so I brought formalwear.
But... God has a sense of humor.
So I... I bring backup.
However, I'm doubly screwed.
Two dresses, both black, and no black shoes.
I know you're probably thinking,
"Who the hell cares what color shoes she's wearing?"
Believe me, Jack, women notice.
So, basically, you're saying you need to go shopping.
For shoes.
Black shoes.
At least I don't have to get up

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