Bobby (2006): Taking a Car

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The clip taking a car from Bobby (2006) a lot of people are gonna be intimidated by this thing because it'...
The clip taking a car from Bobby (2006) a lot of people are gonna be intimidated by this thing because it's new, all right? So I'm counting on all of you to reassure them that it's perfectly legitimate, it's easy... Just-just for one minute, please. It's easy, and it makes voting simpler and quicker, all right? All you have to do is turn the plastic pages. Names and offices appear on the left. Simply make your choice and push down firmly in the proper place with the steel stylus attached to the vote recorder. All right? Now, when you're finished with that, take out the paper ballot. And I want you all to check, check the back of it, all right, to make sure that there are no stray bits of punched-out paper called "card-hole-aggregate debris." Or what the, uh, what the folks down at IBM like to call "chads." If I'd have worked this hard in school, I'd be on the honor roll. Hey, you think your brother will loan us his car again? Ah, I don't know. He was cool with it the first couple times, but now, I don't know. I can't do another day on this awful bus, Coop. -Me neither. -I hate it. Maybe if I was stoned. Well, yeah, stoned would be good whether we're on the bus or not. -Fellas. -Wade. -Wade. You guys are on the Glendale-Pasadena bus today. Well, no, uh, we were actually gonna come over here to tell you, we got a car today, Wade. Uh, Coop's brother comes through again. Really? Um, just think of the number of elderly we can help get to the polls with a car. I think we're much more valuable on our own. Yeah. Well, that's great. Maybe you can persuade them to go along with you. Every little bit counts, right? Uh, what precincts are you guys covering? Actually, Dwayne and I won't be in the field today. We're gonna stay here at campaign headquarters. That way, we can take care of any problems that come up. Yeah, we already received a call about stolen voting machines down in Precinct 180. I'm not familiar with that area. It's a black neighborhood. Oh, is it? Yeah, I guess busing doesn't really agree with you fellas, huh? I guess we got more in common than you think. Good luck. Ladies and gentlemen, if we could get...