Bobby (2006): Naked Women in Movies


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The clip naked women in movies from Bobby (2006)

# 'Cause I tell a joke or two... #
Her boobs. I read about it somewhere.
Anne Bancroft is not
gonna show her breasts in a film.
She's a good-Iooking lady, Coop.
I'm not saying she's not a good-Iooking lady.
Oh, like you wouldn't, if you had the chance?
Anne Bancroft has too much class to show her breasts in a film.
That's it. That's the facts.
It's not just a film, Coop.
It's The Graduate.
Mm, I love that movie.
-More coffee? -Yes, please.
Okay, so I have a question for you.
What do you think, Bancroft or body double?
-The nude scenes? -Mm-hmm.
Flashes. They're not even scenes.
Body double. For sure.
Wait. You know this for a fact?
Well, no, but it's what I would do.
That is, if I ever actually got hired
-for a movie I auditioned for. -You will. You will.
Plus, you're my favorite ingenue.
And you got a great smile, and you're nice to us,
and you know how to pour coffee so well.
You know what? He actually thinks
he knows what he's doing with that thing.
I do know what I'm doing with this thing.
-No, you don't. -You look like a movie star.
Really? Who put it on 13 frames?
-There you go. -Well, say a prayer for me,
'cause tomorrow I'm interviewing for Schwab's.
Oh, wow, good for you.
Schwabs, is that a director or producer or something?
No, moron, Schwab's on Sunset.
Lana Turner was discovered there.
Oh, Schwab's.
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, every
out-of-work actress in Hollywood is trying
to get a gig there waiting the lunch counter.
-Well, good luck. -Thank you.
Hey, I guarantee you, if Hitchcock asked her
to show her tits in a film, she'd do it in a heartbeat.

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