Bound (1996): Corky's Plan - Part 1


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The clip Corky's Plan - part 1 from Bound (1996)

I've an idea how to make this work.
Go back and get ready.
Take your time. Make it real.
What time did you say they'd be there?
The plane gets in at 7:00, so...
I'd say around 8:00.
All right.
Now, at some point, Caesar's going to quit,
I guess some time around 6:00,
making sure he's got time to get ready.
As soon as he's done you'll be right there
to put a big drink in his hand.
Unbelievable what this guy Shelly did.
I'll tell you, Shelly's one smart-ass motherfucker.
I mean, he WAS one smart-ass motherfucker.
Poor boy has to work so hard.
We want him to relax, unwind.
You look good enough to eat.
Where will you be?
I'll be waiting in the apartment next door.
Waiting for what?
For the shower. That's gonna be our signal.
When he's done with his shower, you'll go to the bar.
You'll get out the Scotch that Gino drinks.
As you do, the bottle will slip from your hands:
An accident.
Vi, what the hell was that?
Vi, you can't hear me?
Oh, fuck!
It slipped. I was trying to get ready.
How the fuck did you do that?
Caesar, it was an accident. I didn't mean to.
I'll get some more.
There's no fucking time!
Don't be silly. There's lots of time.
I'll clean this up, and I'll be back
before you're even dressed.
Ah, fuck, Vi!

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