Bound (1996): Violent's Plan


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The clip Violent's Plan from Bound (1996)

Caesar's gonna get the money. He's gonna bring it...
How much money?
Shelly said it's over $2 million.
So Caesar's going to get it.
He's going to bring it by the apartment.
He's going to count it.
He'll go through the books and figure out how Shelly did it.
Violet, do you know what you're saying?
You're asking me to help you fuck over the Mob.
Violet, these people are serious.
You wanna know how serious, you ask your friend Shelly.
They are worse than cops because they have money and no rules.
You fuck them, you'd better do it right.
That's why I need your help.
You said you were good.
I AM good.
All right, let's just say for a moment
I believe everything you're saying.
You think I'm lying?
I didn't say that,
but since you did, let's say you are.
It would have been easy for you to set up Shelly.
You could have had him killed
knowing that Caesar would bring the money back to the apartment.
All you'd need to keep yourself clean is someone unconnected:
Someone like me.
Is that what you think?
I'm just making a point.

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