Bound (1996): Micky Investigates


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The clip Micky Investigates from Bound (1996)

So I call you, but all I get is the busy signal.
I figure the phone is off the hook. That's why I rushed here.
The phone. Shit.
That was me. I did that. Fuck!
That was a stupid thing to do, eh?
Hey, if Violet was helping me relax,
I'd probably do the same thing.
Can I ask you something?
Why did you move all the furniture around?
Let me guess.
That was Violet's idea, too.
Ha ha ha!
Yeah, actually,
she was nervous about Gino coming,
wanted everything to look perfect, and...
You know women, Mick.
Sure, Cease.
They make us do stupid things, don't they?
Is that the money?
Yeah, that's it.
What did it total out at?
That fucking Shelly.
Gotta hand it to the guy, but if I were him,
I would've bailed a long time ago.
I mean, how much money does a man need?

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